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Human Resources & Employment Law

One of the highly specialized areas of practice of our firm is Industrial and Service laws. Our attorneys have unmatched experience in this field and regularly advise clients on regulatory compliance with various Labour and Service laws prevalent in India. We represent clients in litigation before various legal forums on complex matters pertaining to labour-management relations, Anti-Discrimination Laws, disputes relating to employment benefits and connected litigation.

We regularly provide legal advice and represent Central Universities and various educational institutions, real estate developers, hotel chains, major pharmaceutical companies, and industrial players in the healthcare sector apart from rendering advice to and representing many other corporate/private clients

Trade Unions and Employment related litigation

Disciplinary proceedings

Employees Rights and related benefits

Constitutional Rights

Employment and service contracts

Labour disputes and Industrial actions

Health and safety legislation

Collective bargaining

Voluntary retirement scheme

Law on dismissals

Provident fund and social security

Reorganization and retrenchment

Strikes & lockouts


The law relating to labour , employment and employee’s social security in India is primarily known under the broad category of "Industrial Law". Industrial law in this country is of recent vintage and has developed in respect to the vastly increased awakening of the workers of their rights, particularly after the advent of Independence. Industrial relations embrace a complex of relationships between the workers, employers and government, basically concerned with the determination of the terms of employment and conditions of labour of the workers. Escalating expectations of the workers, the hopes extended by Welfare State, uncertainties caused by tremendous structural developments in industry, the decline of authority, the waning attraction of the work ethics and political activism in the industrial field, all seem to have played some role.

Our Services:

All legal advisory services in the fields of employment and labour laws by expert legal professionals.

Drafting and vetting various documents related to employment contract, termination letter, suspension letter and all such documents etc.

Advisory services related to appointment, Sexual harassment at workplace and related issues, , transfer, and confidential reports, disciplinary action  and misconducts, Promotion, charge sheet, suspension, removal, termination, Vigilance, Labour disputes, Industrial Disputes, Labour Court cases, Industrial Tribunal cases.

Litigation Services:

·         Cases before Assistant Labour Commissioner (ALC), Deputy Labour Commissioner (DLC) and Labour Commissioner (LC).

·         Sexual Harassment at Workplace and other related disputes.

·         SLP before Supreme Court of India in employment and labour matters.

·         Industrial Disputes, Labour law cases, employment disputes.

·     Appearance before the authorities under Industrial Dispute, Contract Labour Act, Trade Union, Factories Act, Shop and establishment Act, Employee Provident Fund Act (EPF), Employee State Insurance Act (ESI), Payment of bonus Act, Gratuity Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages Act, Maternity Act, Apprentice Act etc.


Documentation Services:

Specialize services for drafting and vetting of various formats of legal documents including appointment letters, employment contracts, transfer letters, warning letters, termination letters, dismissal letters, charge sheets, warning letters, strike notices etc.

Drafting and vetting of various company polices like HR Policy, Labour Policy, Safety Policy, Leave Policy, Ethics Policy, Contractual Labour Policy, Employee Welfare Policy, Non Disclosure Policy, Salary and wages policy, Code of conduct Policy etc.

Registration and Compliance Services:

·         Factories Act

·         Employee State Insurance Act (ESI)

·         Employee Provident Fund Act (EPF)

·         Professional Tax

·         Payment of Bonus Act

·         Payment of Gratuity Act

·         Shops and Establishments Act

·         Labour Welfare Board

·         Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996.

·         Regular and periodical compliance audits and compliance checks of establishments, factories.

·         Contract Labour Act

·         Other miscellaneous Labour Laws