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Matrimonial (Marriage & Divorce Laws)

Matrimonial law refers to legal requirements which determine validity of a marriage. In India there are various marriage acts based on religion, state and parties who are marrying including Anand Marriage Act, Arya Marriage Validation Act, Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, Indian Divorce Act, Foreign Marriage Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, Special Marriage Act, The Indian Christian Marriage Act etc.

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Registration of Marriages

Marriages among Hindus are registered under section 8 of the Hindu marriage act 1955. All marriages shall be registered with the Hindu marriage Registrar or the Additional District Magistrate in each state. Section 8 of the act states that state government shall make rules in respect of registration of marriage and provide particulars to be entered in the Hindu Marriage register. This section applies to Hindus, Jains and Buddhist.

Sikhs marriages are registered under Anand marriage act. Parsi marriage and divorce act, 1936 provides for compulsory registration of marriages. The Indian Christian marriage act also provides for compulsory registration of marriage among Christian.

The Supreme Court of India in a 2006 judgment of Seema vs. Aswani Kumar held that registration of marriage is mandatory in India irrespective of religion and directed the states to frame rules for registration of marriages in India.

Litigation Services:

·         Domestic Violence under Section 498A

·         Dowry cases

·         Divorce Cases

·         Foreign Marriages

·         Maintenance Cases

·         Maintenance under Hindu law

·         Maintenance under Criminal Procedure Code

·         Maintenance to Muslim wife under the Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986

·         Child Custody Cases

·         Matrimonial Appeals in High Court

·         Matrimonial Appeals in The Supreme Court of India